Factors that cause infertility and ways to improve it

fertility food

fertility food

With the growing times, one major problem that has affected both male and female is the problem of infertility. To achieve the fertility, couples in big cities get ready to pay even hefty amounts to the swanky clinics.

As per an estimate by World Health Organisation (WHO), in India, the infertility rate is between 4 percent to 18 percent.

However, some of the major factors that affect fertility among both men and women apart from the common causes includes:-

  • Age: Women’s fertility gradually declines with age, especially in the mid-30s, and it drops rapidly after age 37.
  • Diet and Exercise: Gorging on junk and fatty food may also lead to infertility. A recently published study at George Washington University confirms this, finding that people who eat fast food regularly have higher levels of certain environmental toxins called phthalates, which have been linked to male infertility and a wide range of endocrine disorders. In addition, lack of exercise and physical activity only adds to the problem.
  • Frequency of Coitus: Most infertile couples report having coitus more than four times per month
  • Mental Health: In the age of stress and depression, one needs to work much on mental health alongwith working on physical health. Meditation, visiting parks, watching greenery and indulging into some hobby for half an hour could bring much relief to the stress.
  • Smoking, alcohol and consumption of tobacco: These factors drastically reduce the fertility among both men and women. It reduces the likelihood of pregnancy.

Here are some of the ways to include food and few lifestyle changes that boost fertility and keeps you healthy:-

  • Have foods rich in antioxidants like folate and zinc that may improve fertility for both men and women.
  • Cut down on junk food
  • Enjoy a healthy and homemade breakfast
  • Try to include exercises at least thrice a week in your routine
  • Keep stress away by reading, dancing, listening to music, or any hobby which you prefer along with meditation.

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