She was beautiful, looked so adorable

She was beautiful

She was beautiful

She was beautiful with a twinkle in her eyes, looked so adorable, and full of desires

Draped in white she looked so bright, wet curls and tinted lips, she shone like golden light

He, mesmerized with her beauty, and lost in her serenity

And waited for her allure, which looked like a silver contour

The souls were so pure and full of love, and the love was so pure and full of life

And in his life, he wanted her to be his wife

She was hesitant and also bit reluctant,

But he loved her so deep wishing her to hold, a heart which was made of solid gold

And one day he found why she was draped in white,

For she couldn’t adopt colours of bright

Deep inside she was sad and alone,

And he wanted to be in her life and walk miles along

She was again hesitant and again bit reluctant,

He held her tight, and promised to be on her side

Tears rolled down her eyes, and again she dreamt to fulfill all her desires.

Excerpt of From the Eternal: 2

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