5 foods to fight PCOS

Yoga to beat PCOS

Yoga to beat PCOS

If you have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome widely known as PCOS, don’t get panic. With some good food and change in lifestyle, you can easily beat this lifestyle disease.

PCOS affected women generally shows symptoms such as irregular periods or no periods at all, weight gain, regular breakouts on face with acne and pimples, hair growth especially on face or chest or even hair loss from head, its high time to nourish yourself with some good diet.

To beat PCOS, we have a list of best five foods you can include in your daily diet and get over with this lifestyle disease which includes:-

  1. Banana: Start including local bananas in your regular meal and start your day with this highly nutritious fruit.
  2. Nachni (or ragi): Include ragi in your meals as roti, dosa or porridge as it helps prevents cramps and acne around the chin. With summers around, you can easily get it from the nearby grocery store and can make a drink out of it too and have. Apart from beating PCOS, it will also have a cooling effect on your body.
  3. Cauliflower: Loaded with Vitamin B, which is mandatory for PCOS affected patients, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage can work wonders if included in your diet. Any cruciferous vegetables will enable you to beat PCOS as these are loaded with Vitamin B. The PCOS patients are generally Vitamin B deficient.
  4. Tomatoes: An extremelyrich source of lycopene, which is a carotene that has powerful anti-oxidant properties, these red rounded beautiful tomatoes definitely helps combat PCOS.
  5. Coconut: Yes, if you cannot include coconut in your daily meals and are confused about how to have coconut, atleast have coconut water every single day. Apart from acting as a coolant in surging heat, it plays a major role in combatting PCOS. Also, if you exercise daily, it works great in completing your electrolytes. So you can easily replace your protein shake with a coconut water from next time onwards.

Apart from including these foods in your diet, you should also focus a little on some physical movements. Either weight train once a week, do some stretching exercises, light cardio like cycling or swimming, or practice yoga asanas, especially the supta baddhakonasana.

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